If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!


We are currently in the TOP 10 out of 24,000 Utah agents for number of sold homes in 2017.  We average over 150 transactions per year, when most agents average 6. We are knowledgeable and know our market in and out.  No games. No gimmicks.  JUST RESULTS.

Experience The Poulsen Team Difference.. 


   Why should you hire The Poulsen Team to sell your home? The truth is, Most agents talk a lot but do nothing more than throw a sign in your yard and you never hear from them again. They expect the MLS to do their job and they refuse to invest any personal time and money to actively market the listing.   We take pride in being involved with our clients the entire time, from beginning to end.  When you hire Nathan Poulsen or one of the Poulsen Team agent's, we pay for advertising while actively marketing the property.  The little things are what makes us unique, and it's why we are able to bring our clients the results they are looking for.

In short, We never stop working until your home is sold.  We will be there for you from beginning to end.  We take pride in what we do and every transaction is personal to us.  Our reputation is everything, it's what keeps us busy, so therefore we will do everything we possibly can to exceed your expectations. 

As the Poulsen Team Lead, I have confidence in saying there are no other agents who will work harder than the Poulsen Team will to bring you results.  We are proactive, dedicated and are all skilled negotiators.  Feel free to test us, if you are not happy with what we can offer you then you can fire us at any time. I understand that trust is earned and we are confident we will earn yours if given the opportunity.  Let's sit down and go over your situation and come up with a plan that makes sense and is fair to you.  We have many options to choose from depending on your situation and time frame.  We will save you thousands of dollars, and hours of your time when you hire The Poulsen Team to sell your home. 

We can possibly purchase your home AS IS, and with Cash within 7 days!  Sometimes it makes more sense to sell a home as is, with a fast closing.  a few reasons include:

  1. you don't want to deal with showings, constantly cleaning, organizing, and figuring out where to put your animals.
  2. you already found a new home you want, and you don't want to lose out on it because you have a home to sell.
  3. you don't have the money for potential repairs in order to sell the home, such as roofing, sewer, or other issues.
  4. divorce or death in the family, and you just want to move forward without dealing with the extra stress.
  5. you are late on payments, and have received a foreclosure notice, and you don't have time to sell traditionally. 
  6. *Contact us to see if this is an option for both sides.  This is not a guaranteed service, or a promise to perform. Solely performed on a case by case basis* 

As you can see, The Poulsen Team is your one stop source for all your real estate needs!  No situation is too difficult, and we will do all we can to find the BEST OPTION for you when it comes to selling your home.  Contact us anytime with questions, and we will be happy to discuss your options in person, through email or phone at your convenience.  



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